Connect your mind, body, and spirit through conscious technique classes designed to help you get stronger, more grounded, more in touch with your own potential.


Noa began her teaching career at The Ailey School in New York City teaching Ballet and Horton technique in the Junior Division.

She teaches a variety of styles and techniques ranging from Horton Technique, to Bachata, to Ballet and Contemporary.


Her classes are unique as they draw from her background as a contemporary dancer as well as her own spiritual practice to create dynamic and challenging sequences that allow you to build a full body awareness and tap into your inner power. 


Presential Classes will resume in September 2020. 

Visit the Online Class section for online group and private classes.

“Amazing class! She really takes time to explain the movement, breathing, and how to do moves without hurting yourself... I really feel a difference in my dancing, flexibility, even my posture. I have never danced before, and this class really helped me to level up my dancing.  Lots of movements I wouldn't be able to do without her”

 -Emilie Reichert, Bachata Dancer

"Noa really teaches you how to use your body in the right way, she breaks things down and gives individual feedback, where necessary. She also makes it fun! I have already noticed a difference in my posture, core stability and co-ordination and I've only done one 4-week course.  She is a lovely teacher and I highly recommend her"

 -Joanna Wilson, Zouk Dancer

"Thank you so much Noa for sharing your knowledge with such engaging energy! What an amazing workshop!!! I absolutely loved it and also meeting you! I came away not only thinking about new ballet techniques, but most of all connecting from within and out! Looking forward to the next instalment"

-Olivia Roman, Latin Dancer

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