Our mind has 4 different layers, the Conscious Mind, Unconscious Mind, Subconscious Mind, and Collective Unconscious. In our day to day lives we mainly function using our conscious mind which is ruled by the conditioned habits and behaviours of our unconscious mind. If all of our thoughts, feelings, and actions make up only about 5% of our entire brain capacity where is the rest of the 95%? In our Subconscious mind. Now, think of everything we have accomplished as a society using only 5% of our mind, what would we be capable of if we tapped in to our Subconscious? 


Meditation is the doorway to the Subconscious mind. Science shows us that when we meditate we are slowing our brain waves and in doing so we open the door to our inner universe. Through this course, learn to master your mind and transform your state of being.