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Eutierria was created in response to the climate crisis and the growing need for a change in how we relate to our planet. 


A "bold and gripping work" (Dance Art Journal), with original music by world-renowned composers, James Keane and Joe Scott, and lighting design by award-winning designer, Ryan J Stafford. Eutierria invites the audience to explore the pitfalls of our modern world and reflect on our own relationship to the earth.

A “winsome tale of new beginnings”  allowing us a glimpse of the symbiotic world we can create when we reconnect with our planet. 

Eutierria premiered as "2023" at the Blue Elephant Theatre in London where a portion of ticket sales was donated to Cool Earth, a non-profit organisation that works across the world's three biggest rainforest biomes. They are dedicated to saving the rainforest through a people-first approach that supports Indigenous people and local communities in the rainforest to protect their land and biodiversity.

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